Photo of a young girl playing the piano at home. Sheet music has been altered to be unrecognizable.


We’re here to help you learn to play your favourite styles of music on they piano, and to prepare students for Royal Conservatory of Music (RCM) exams.

Ever since its invention by Bartolomeo Cristofori around 1700 AD, the piano has dominated classical music (and later on, jazz music), and has found its way into every other form of music besides! With its highly recognizable (and logical) layout of 88 black and white keys arranged in a line from lowest note to highest note, the piano is a great instrument for learning the fundamentals of music, and delving into the secrets of music theory and composition.  With modern electronic keyboards adding portability and a virtually unlimited sonic palette to the original design, those who learn the piano can make just about any kind of music they can imagine!

Not to mention that learning the piano develops concentration, dexterity, co-ordination, pattern recognition, as well as sensitivity and sophistication in expression!

What to Expect (Lesson Format)

Our private lessons are typically scheduled for once a week occurring at the same time each week, are one on one with the instructor, and at least 30-minutes in length (you can of course book longer lessons if you wish).  At The Music Study, we structure our lessons to touch upon all important aspects of musicianship, including:

– Proper stretching, posture, and warm-ups
– Playing technique and learning repertoire
– Theory, musical concepts, reading music, and ear training
– Creativity, improvisation, understanding composition

Students also receive a personal username and password to log in to our StudyZone on our website, where they can access practice tips, reminders, and materials at home in order to keep home study on track!

Why Choose Us?

Because all of our instructors have lots of experience both teaching and actually playing music.  We really emphasize both teaching ability and real and current performing experience.

Because our students have had a history of successful performances, perform well on RCM exams, and place well in competitions.

Because as a small studio, we are able to give all our students the special attention and personalized instruction they deserve.

To book your free lesson, contact us today!